Talking about exams.

The one and only thing which I never liked about my studies are "Exams". This guy called "Exam" comes at every end semester and even also comes in between in the form of internals to disturb me from everything which I'm doing.
I will be more creative during exam times and because of this guy I completely loose my creativity and I have to focus on my study's, what? No just kidding. I'm never going to be creative.
I don't know what others feel about this guy but I hate him. He's always doubtful and always searching for someone to check their foolish knowledge which he/she stored into his/her brain even without knowing what it actually means and where it'll be helpful for them.

I have this electronics subjects which will never be useful for my career and I'm still studying this subjects only for exam purpose. As we all knows first mobile phone was invented by Motorola in 1973, which was one of the greatest inventions at that time and if we look into their mobile phones nowadays it is not the same as what we saw in 1973 today at 2017 everything has changed to smart, we call mobile phones as smartphones. Like wise everything from the past has changed except this guy. Hopefully waiting for this foolish system to change, if not for us then for the future.


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