School life or College life

When I was in high school, teachers described a fantastic scene of life in college, especially when we were tired, when we were down, and when we were complaining. They said
college is a paradise, where learning is not difficult at all, where we can have more time to do things we want to do, where we may experience beautiful love and friendship. I knew what my teachers said about college life was not always true, for saying that was a way of encouraging us. However, I formed an unrealistic imagination of college, though I thought I was not day-dreaming.
After a long war with books and teachers, I entered into a college with my mum’s interest and choose a course with my interest.

I met good roommates and classmates as I wished. Friendship in the university should be treasured for it’s pure and more mature than it in high school. What’s more, I have wonderful courses to take, and they can broaden my horizon. In fact, I didn’t expect that much! The happiness in college is just what I expected. But still, Maths is following me without knowing whom he’s following and why. I always hated him from the time of which I know him. Anyway, I also have some subjects with my interests to love. A hostel is a place of craziness and if a hostel is full of crazy new gen engineers then the craziness level will get multiplied. There will be hardcore gamers, sleepers, athletes, gym guys and Romeos in between.
Comparing both school life and college life, college life will make you feel loose and free than school life. But definitely one will miss his/her school life after joining college. 


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