Our journey to hills ⛰



Climbing the hills near my hostel was one thing from my primary checklist which I made since I joined for my higher studies. It was the only checklist of mine which took a lot of time to get a tick✔ mark. I love traveling to new-new places and exploring different things. Because it gives me the real life experience to solve different problems better than any other knowledge which we get from reading books.
The main reason for this trip was me. This idea was always there in my mind and one day doubtfully I said it to my friend Ajith, and he said OK we’ll give it a try, then I called some of my other friends who like this kind of adventurous trips. I, Justin, Prasanth, Ajith, and Abhishek were the team. We never had a good plan about how should our trip to be like or what should be packed for the trip. We simply just planned and started packing something. For precaution, we took some medicine, hoddies, newspapers and a Thermo-steel flask full of coffee with us(it was the awful hostel coffee).


We left from hostel about 4 0’clock in the evening and was searching for an autorickshaw on the road, that time one auto driver came to us and asked us where we are going and said he’ll drop us in the place. we started bargaining with him and made him decrease 50 rupees from the total money we had to pay him.
On the go, I was working on the mobile GPS saving enough offline maps and collecting some screenshots of the location where we were going because there won’t be any mobile signals in the heights. We had a lot of chats about the situation that can probably occur on our journey to the hills. In between that the auto rickshaw driver told us some precautions to be taken care for our own safety and gave his phone number to call him at any time if needed to drop us somewhere else.


We reached the temple on the mountain foot and started searching for the way to the mountains. By seeing us roaming around the temple, one swami asked us “what you guys are doing here?” (in Hindi), my friend Prasanth is good in Hindi and he replied to him “We are here to climb the hills”. Then he showed us the main gate and it was closed, Swami said: “A wild elephant is out and it is dangerous to climb the hills this time, so people are not permitted to climb the hills now”.
We were disappointed and were simply standing there without knowing what to do next, that time I and Justin were searching for another way to get into the hills and found a narrow way on the back side to the temple. Ajith said “Should we take this much risk? it’ll be good if we go back…” but I replied “any way we came till here to climb the hills, and I don’t want to change this to some other day, let’s finish this today itself ! ” others too supported my choice and decided to give a try.


adarshbenzlalblogjourneytothehillsFrom the time we reached the temple a small dog was following us, firstly we didn’t mind it that much. But after starting our walk through that small way we noticed that the dog was walking in front of us showing the correct way to the hills. After some distance, we found the main way through which we could go to the hills. If we have to get there we had to climb some rocks without making any sound because we don’t want anyone to notice us climbing the hills, with a lot of efforts somehow we got into the main way which is safer than the other one.
For completing the journey we had to climb seven hills, even if we walk continuously it’ll take four-five hours to finish the journey. The hills were so dark and the only light we had was an electric torch and our mobile flashlights. The first hill had steps made of cut down rocks, when we reached half way in the first hill we heard the sound of some kind of animal walking through shrubs. we were standing still like a statue waiting to know where the noise was coming from. It could have been an elephant, a tiger or any other wild animal but fortunately, we never encountered any such thing.  


After a long walk of about two and half hours, we reached the top of the fourth hill. we had a lot of fun walking through the mountain with a cool breeze and hearing the ambiance of the forest. Every time when we find a place to take rest I used to check the GPS for knowing our position and to make the calculation for the time it’ll take to reach the Hill. That Dog is still helping us with the way, he only takes rest if we do and we gave him some Kerala made cookies to eat and get refreshed.
When we reached the fourth hill we were almost tired, so we decided to take some rest there. It was so cold there with full of darkness,  we searched for some dry woods and leaves which can be used to set a fire. we found some small wood pieces which were already there, maybe someone collected it for making fire. As we know “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” it helped us a lot to make fire and to keep ourselves safe from that thick cold temperature. Then we sat around the fire and started chatting about our old memories, this time our dog was sleeping on Ajith’s bag.


Till the fire completely burned out we waited there and then we again started walking. On the go, we saw some deer resting under the shelter of trees and some monkeys on the branches. As the distance increased the way became narrower, also the way was nearer to the edge of the hills which can seriously injure anyone in case if they fall down.
More the distance we go the way also became weirder, each side of the way had Y-Shaped sticks fixed to the ground which are used my swami’s and some Hindu based devotional people. The way became more slippery because of the moist grasses which were there and we had to climb on some big stones to go ahead. After a long walk we reached the top of the sixth hill, from there we can only see the seventh hill like a shadow since it was night. Then we planned to rest there till morning and made a small campfire. It was so cold there making it even harder for us to sleep but somehow we managed to take a small nap.


I woke up after two hours and sat near the fire to make my body neutral from the temperature and waited for the sun to rise. After some time my friends also walked up and we together rounded up around the fire. Then we had some hot coffee and made ourselves comfortable from the freezing temperature. When the time reached to 5 O’clock in the morning we started walking to the seventh hill and we reached there within thirty minutes.
There was a temple on the top of the seventh hill, we waited there to see the sunrise. We were actually at some height above the clouds and we were able to see it floating bellow us. After the sunrise only we found out that the hill was fully covered with thick green grasses and it was so relaxing to watch them.Then we clicked some photos of the beautiful hills and took some selfies. After a lot of fun and enjoyment, we started our journey back. We reached back to our hostels about 12 O’clock in the afternoon. This journey taught us one thing and that is “Life is like a mountain hard to climb, but once you get there the view is so beautiful”. You will understand this only when you try climbing one.


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